How does Leptin contribute to an increase in body-Fat

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The relationship between Leptin and weight management.

We consume an average of 1 million calories per year. What is amazing is we have a 99.6% accuracy balancing energy in (food) and energy out (exercise, living). The bad news is the more we train the more we eat. After 2 years 70% to 95% of people studied return to their starting weight.

 We use a fat regulating system involving the hormone Leptin. Leptin is released by fat cells and has been shown to affect apatite. So.. the more fat we have the less we want to eat? unfortunately its not so simple. It looks like Leptin insensitivity has a greater effect on weight gain. Research is limited around this topic but it looks like genes, lifestyle factors and diet could effect the bodies sensitivity to leptin. Our bodies could be fooled into gaining body fat to increase leptin levels.

 Some studies I looked at suggested a link between refined sugars, artificial sugars and fructose (fruit sugars) with a increase in Leptin insensitivity and therefore possible weight gain. Its looking like our genes have a greater play in deciding who has a weight battle and who can have a six pack and eat pies.

 The bottom line this point in time your genes are mapped out, how you choose to deal with them is up to you.Personally I love been fit and fairly healthy. So concentrate on your health; exercise regularly, eat healthy and enjoy life.

Remember one pint is equal to 40mins of brisk walking so space your pubs apart. ;-)

Personal Training Clifton

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