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One most important factors to health and wellness is nutrition. What you put into your body affects the way it looks, feels and performs. Analysing your diet using a food diary and then following a structured and progressive food plan that is realistic and achievable will help you to lose unwanted weight, whilst significantly improving your health and lifestyle.


The weight loss industry is awash with new fad diets and extreme weight loss plans. Unrealistic before and after pictures are often used in advertising to promote a product someone is trying to sell. The amount of information available online to the public is very confusing.  During the last 20 years working with personal training clients I have discovered a couple of key points to nutritional success.


“Extreme diet plans have little chance of long term success”


Human behaviour is repetitive and ingrained.  For most people who want to improve their eating habits long term a gradual change works best .The nutritional plan must be easy to maintain. One of the key elements to your success is a well designed nutritional plan focusing on your lifestyle and your realistic goals.


“The faster the weight comes off the faster it wants to go back on”.


 It’s all about survival, the human body is a finely tuned energy conservation machine that hates losing body fat. We have a number of systems in place to maintain weight. For example, we have a fat regulating system using the hormone Leptin. Leptin is released by fat cells and has been shown to affect apatite. As we lose body fat we produce less Leptin and our appetite increases. Time and time again I have seen the yo-yo effect from rapid weight loss.


"Use a tried and tested Nutritional Plan" 


For the last 10 years I have been using a unit style nutritional programme. The programme is very versatile, I have used it with countless clients from weight loss to elite Rowers. Grouping foods into units of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vegetables, Fruits and Occasional treats provides my clients a flexible easy to follow nutritional plan. The programme is designed to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week and still have an occasional treat. I supply my clients with all the information they need to follow the plan including a excel spread sheet to help record their food intake.


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