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Changing the type of exercise you do from time to time can greatly increase your chance of reaching your fitness results. When you start exercising you’re body adapts to the increase demands from the specific exercise by improving, becoming slightly stronger or fitter or faster.



The down side to exercise adaptation is longer you keep doing the same type of exercise the less improvement you will get.

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General adaptation syndrome 

The specific exercise adaptation can be described by Hans Selye’s  “General adaptation syndrome “

A single marked physiologic response as a result of exposure to a variety of prolonged physical or psychological stresses or stressors, with the body changes progressing through three stages described as the alarm reaction, resistance, and finally exhaustion.


When you start a new type of exercise for example:

• Pump Class

• Football

• Jogging

• Swimming

• Boxing

• Weight training


Your body’s first response during the alarm reaction will usually involve lots of pain (DOMS) and fatigue.  The next phase is resistance to the stress of the exercise also known as supercompensation. You adapted to the exercise becoming fitter. The last phase exhaustion describes two factors, over training and diminished results due to prolonged exposure to the same type of exercise stimulus.


The longer you keep doing the same type of exercise the less your body will need to change to handle the demands. This is call a fitness plateau and is one of the main reasons why people give up on the training. Change you programme every two to three weeks, keep your body guessing.


One of the main keys to success with your training is adding variation to your programme. How you change variables such as type of exercise, training intensity, duration and workout frequency will make a massive difference to your body adapting to exercise.


Try different group fitness classes each week. If you have a personal trainer make sure they change the style of your training not just the exercises. If you are a runner try changing your running route and duration regularly. Mixing up your workouts can greatly improve the positive effects exercise has on your body. 


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