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Strength and Conditioning is a important part of athletic performance. A well designed strength programme can make a huge difference to your results in your chosen sport. My focus as a Strength coach is periodisation and how to apply this to your specific sport. The buzz word in the fitness industry now days is "Functional" training. We have moved away from the body building style programming for performance, nowadays strength and conditioning focuses more on functional training. How strength can apply functionally to your sport is key to a successful strength programme.


In the last 15 years I have developed a large number of specific linear and non-linear periodised programmes covering off and on-season strength training in a number of sports. I will take into consideration the bio-mechanics, experience level and goals of the individual athletes when designing their gym based programme. My programmes cover flexibility, myofascia release exercises, stability and rehabilitation work.


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"It's All About Periodisation"

Periodisation was defined  by the noted physiologist Hans Selye, who ultimately formulated what he called the ‘general-adaptation syndrome’. According to this theory the body responds to ‘stressors’ (type of workout) by adapting to meet the demands (it adapts by improving). When the adaptive response is reached the body stops changing until a new type of stress is introduced to produce further adaptation. Therefore periodisation introduces ever-changing stressors to produce maximum results. When done correctly you can achieve great increases in power, strength, agility and muscular endurance.



Strength Training for Injury Rehabilitation

If you participate in a sport you are most likely going to pick up an acute or chronic injury at some point. Acute injuries from impact with other player or simply the ground can not always be avoided. How you body deals with impact and how fast you heal can differently be helped by an appropriate strength programme.




Chronic injuries on the other hand are often caused by the repetitive nature of a sport. Repetition of movement in a sport such as rowing creates imbalances between muscle groups. This can produce a change in forces placed on joints, tendons and ligaments. Over time a chronic injury can arise from this situation (e.g., Patella Tendon Jumpers Knee). One of the focuses of the strength programme is to address the bodies imbalances and to decrease the chance of chronic injury cause by a sport.  

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Athlete's Portfolio


ANGELA McMILLAN - winner of the individual title at the 2004 World Aerobic Championships multiple times National Champion.

DAVID STEWART - former W.K.B.F NZ Super Middleweight Kickboxing NZ National Champion.

BELINDA BEAUMONT - 2002 Auckland and New Zealand IFFB Figure National champion.

DARREN KNIGHT - Mr Athelic Waikato New Zealand 2006.

CAROLYN STEELE - 4 x Lightweight Single Sculls NZ National champion.

DYLAN RUSSELL - 2 x Golden Gloves Middleweight, 1 x Golden Gloves Light Heavyweight Champion NZ.

SANJESH SINGH - Taekwondo WTF Blackbelt, former NZ National Champion Bantamweight.

FRED TREER - K1 500m and 1000m NZ National Canoe Squad Member. 

HELEN ROBERTSON - New Zealand Representative in Judo, ranked number one in NZ and the Oceania region.