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Boxing personal Training Clifton Bristol

Boxing is the fastest, most effective way to burn the maximum amount of calories in the shortest space of time. It works the entire body to the maximum, toning and sculpting all the muscles and provides fantastic weight loss results. This is a seriously fun way to shed the pounds.


If you find the idea of a boxing club a bit intimating or you simply want to learn at a fast pace. One on One Boxing sessions could be for you.


Boxing is one of my favourite styles of training and will suit all levels of fitness. I have been holding boxing pads for regular clients and competitive boxers since 2002.


I can supply all the equipment needed for your boxing training. We can train at two Bristol gyms location in Clifton and Hengrove or my own studio in Flax Bourton or If you need me to come to you a home session will work.


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Boxing personal training clifton

MuayThai Kickboxing

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I am passionate about teaching and training Thai Kickboxing, and for over 8 years I trained and worked with some of New Zealand’s top fighters and coaches. If you want a high intensity, full body and practical workout then Thai Kickboxing is for you. I supply the pads and expertise; you need to bring the determination and sweat!