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"I've been attending Richard's group training sessions for a few years and he always manages to keep his sessions fun, interesting and challenging. Richard also has an extensive and up to date knowledge base which has been useful and much appreciated."

Name: Amanda Sowers

Occupation: Lawyer

"To whom it may concern,

I have trained with Richard for 9 months now since July 2010. My fitness has improved dramatically. Although my scales weight has not shifted by a lot, my waist measurement has gone down by nearly 10 cm since I started and my clothes definitely fit a lot better. Richard has taught me a lesson about personal responsibility and accountability to self. He is not your overbearing, military drill style personal trainer who screams and monitors your every movement and morsel that enters your mouth. His motto is simple – 'you get out what you put in', read: total freedom but also total responsibility. This is his point of difference. This has been key for me as in the past I have never quite stuck with one gym/trainer/diet, etc. I have flitted from one scheme to another, each time only buying 'hope'. Hence it has never been sustainable. It has finally gotten through that this is about me, my attitude and persistence. No apportioning of blame that 'the method was wrong' or the 'diet never worked'. I am grateful for this lesson and will miss his quiet assertiveness and support."

Name: Sapna Nair

Occupation: Engineer

"To Whom It May Concern:

Richard Leonard was a real joy to work with and brings an enthusiasm with him that makes working out tough but relaxed. I worked out with Richard under the Les Mills 'Look better Naked' programme. He always gave his own personal twist to this programme, ensuring the exercise was stimulating and not awkward, as some of the techniques were a bit embarrassing. He can always tell me how an exercise is working for me, and explains the process in simple terms so I can concentrate on how to perform it without being confused. Richard has an engaging personality, unpretentious and he made you want to work hard and push yourself past what you thought you could do. Of course, it is hard work, but Richard makes you want to achieve your goals through constant encouragement and tips.

I saw results in a short period and this was a first for me. Richard is a loss to the NZ fitness industry."

Name: Fiona Corkin

Occupation: PA

"I can strongly recommend Richard as a personal trainer. His years of experience come through in his training techniques and he knows what works and how to get results. Not only does he put great energy into his sessions he makes them fun but makes you work hard too."

Name: Frances Young

Occupation: Event Manager

"I have been training with Richard for more than a year now, on the Les Mills LBN programme and at his own group training sessions. Despite not being a 'natural' athlete (quite the opposite in fact!) I have really enjoyed getting fitter and stronger and feel better than I can ever remember.

Richard ensures that each session is different and interesting. We work out all the muscle groups and there is plenty of cardio to break it up. I find that going to the sessions is so much more fun than working out solo or going to classes (share the pain etc.)."

Name: Jodi Franklin

Occupation: Admin Manager

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for me the past few months. I'm stronger and fitter than I have ever been. You have put up with my moans and groans but I'm sorry there may be more.I can't wait for the New Year to get back into kicking more butt! As I know your part of what is going to keep me up there. Thanks always." Angela McMillan 2004 world champion.

Name: Angela McMillan

Occupation: Competitive Aerobics Coach

"In my 6 weeks of 'team training program I lost around 4.8 kg (would have to check body fat% and measurements but think I lost around 10cm from my waist), gained noticeable muscle tone and my fitness improved dramatically. [After the first week], I felt fantastic - I had more energy all of the time and was more focused and productive at work because I felt better.

Team training was a great kick start to my fitness training and weight loss and I have continued with the training on a weekly basis for the last 16 months and lost another 12 kg."

Name: Helen Campbell

Occupation: Legal secretary

"Richard Leonard has been my trainer for the last three years.

I cannot speak too highly of Richard. He is a brilliant trainer. I recommend him unreservedly to anyone who's serious about getting the most out of their training.

When I met Richard I had belonged to the gym for years but wasn't really utilizing it. I was forty- nine when my daughter (aged 21) and I signed up for the Look Better Naked Programme. Richard was our trainer, we had heard that he was good but we had no idea how good and how much this programme would change both our lives. Richard was fantastic at running the group programme. He was firm, patient, tolerant, and always rewarded our efforts. He never expected less of me because of my age. His down to earth approach, considerable experience and vast knowledge guided us through the programme. I especially valued his honesty and directness when giving feedback or answering questions. By the end of the course I had lost 3 kg and 9 centimetres around my waist. I dropped one to two dress sizes (to a New Zealand size 8) and my body shape changed. My husband commented that my body had returned to the shape it was when I met him twenty years ago. Through training with Richard my daughter and I have developed a love of the gym and being fit and strong.

After the Look Better Naked Programme finished we continued group training with Richard. On my fiftieth birthday I realized I was fitter and stronger than I had ever been in my life. My doctor told me my blood pressure, cholesterol levels were all in-line with a healthy twenty-year old. I am now 52 and by continuing to train with Richard I have lost another 1-2 kg and have maintained my dress size, fitness and good health.

I enjoy training with Richard. Our sessions are always fun, challenging and rewarding. He creates a great atmosphere and manages group dynamics well. Richard is experienced as a trainer he can provide a seemingly infinite variety of exercises and combinations that achieve results fast and make sure you don't plateau or settle into complacency. Training with Richard I've achieved things I never would have thought possible (like doing100 full press-ups, or running distances I thought were impossible)

I especially appreciate Richard's expertise. When I first signed up I let him know about a rare respiratory condition I had and he was very reassuring. Strengthening my lungs through training, that condition is no longer a problem for me. After I had a minor operation last year, I had a personal training session with Richard where he gave me a programme of rehabilitation exercises that were very effective. I do a number of group fitness classes at the gym and when questions about technique, fitness, diet or general health come up, I always ask Richard. He has guided me through the last three years.

I wish Richard all the best in the U.K. There are some very lucky people over there that will get the benefit of Richard's experience, expertise and good nature. At Les Mills, City Gym, Auckland, New Zealand he'll be greatly missed"

Name: Norelle Scott

Occupation: Write