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To receive benefits to your health from exercise the recommend weekly activity is 75mins vigorous exercise (Hiit, spin, boxing, Running etc) or 150mins moderate exercise (walking) per week.


Research has found that if you exercise more then the recommended amounts the health benefits won't increase proportionally to the amount of exercise. In other words the curve begins to flatten out. This doesn't mean you shouldn't workout more then recommend. We like to train for other reasons like it's fun or we enjoy the challenge.


What is scary is in the UK only 6% of males and 3% of females reach this weekly target. The age of the sloth is well and truly here.


Research has also found inactivity has the same effect as smoking 20 cigarettes per day on your health.

One study found. A fit obese person has 1/2 chance of dying in the next decade then a healthy weight category unfit person.

We seem to be obsessed with weight loss when in reality we should be focusing on activity first.


Two high intensity classes a week is all you need or just over a 20mins of walking each day. Will help improve your quality of life and help save the NHS.

'You can do it'

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